Declined Charge Policy:  If a charge for the monthly membership fee is declined on the date of billing, due to a canceled card on file, or due to insufficient funds, then a $15 fee will be added on to the amount due.

Late Fee Policy:  If a monthly membership fee charge is delinquent for a period of 10 days past the membership’s monthly billing date a $20 late fee will be added to the amount due.

Declined Charge Fees & Late Fees must be paid on the membership account in order for it be considered current and in Good Standing. 

Cancellation Policy:  Memberships are on a Month to Month basis, with billing set on the same day of every month.  A 30-Day Cancellation Notice is required via email or text to discontinue membership.  There will be one final payment due upon the next billing date after submitting a notice of cancelation unless it is submitted on the membership’s exact billing date. 

Members may continue to train until the same day of the following month past their final payment date.

Reactivation Policy:  If a membership is canceled, upon reactivation in the future the membership’s monthly rate will be set at the current monthly membership rate.

Membership Freeze Policy: A membership will only be paused if the account is in good standing with no fees past due (otherwise it will be canceled).  Members must submit a request to put their membership on hold via email or text stating the length of the pause requested & reason.  A freeze will only be granted for one following qualifications below:

Injury or Medical Disability: Verification from a physician must be provided stating that an injury or medical disability prevents the member from utilizing their membership at Gilroy BJJ.

Loss of Employment: Written verification be must provided showing loss of employment.

Maximum Pause Term Limit: The maximum term for a Freeze granted due to either qualification is 6 months.  No further Membership fees will be collected during the approved freeze.  Access to training during the freeze will be suspended. At the end of the freeze period the membership will be reactivated and monthly charges will automatically resume on the next regular billing date.

Pause Request Decisions: If a request does not conform to this Membership Pause Policy the member will be notified that the request has been denied and membership shall remain active unless cancelled.