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  • Gain confidence through learning a new practical skill that can be used in a physical confrontation.
  • Feel more comfortable in your own body knowing how to use it in a way that most people don't.
  • Know exactly what to do if someone approaches you in threatening manner.


  • Exhilarating full body work out that leaves you feeling relaxed after.
  • Socialize with a group of like minded classmates before, during and after class.
  • Have something to do & somewhere to go everyday instead of being bored at home.
  • Get away from the same old routine of work, home, sleep & repeat!


  • Relieve stress and take the edge off of your mind by doing jiu-jitsu, it will be the only thing you think about when you are on the mats.
  • Leave all your worries behind for an hour & a half each day!
  • Get in shape with an activity where no two classes are ever the same.
  • Burn Calories and increase stamina


  • Test yourself against the physical & mental abilities of others in a safe environment.
  • Build self confidence Mentally, Physically & Spiritually by learning to overcome adversity through training jiu-jitsu!
  • Be a part of a competition team focused on winning tournaments through high level training

IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE THEN YOU’VE FOUND THE MOST AMAZING TOOL TO HELP YOU  MAKE THAT CHANGE! Improve Strength & Conditioning, Increase Energy & Alertness, Sharpen decision making Skills, Gain Confidence, Build Determination, enlarge your Social Circle & More




Gilroy BJJ is one of Northern California's premier martial arts academies specializing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We have programs for men, women & kids of all abilities and skill levels. We invite you to come check us out and see all we have to offer. We guarantee you & your family will have a safe, fun and full learning experience every time!